• Inks
    Gilsonite Resin is extensively employed as the primary carbon black wetting component in black news inks and headset and gravure inks.
  • Paints and Stains
    Paints and Stains
    Gilsonite is the well–proven high-performance, cost-effective choice for weatherproof paint bonding and fade-resistant stain pigments. Gilsonite Due thanks to its exclusive properties provides paint a superb adhesion to practically any surface that requires protection from …
  • Construction
    ...Gilsonite, the heavy-duty speedy standard in concrete expansion joints.The exclusive assets of Gilsonite make it a fundamental part of the manufacture of asphalt-impregnated fiberboard...
  • Asphalt
    Gilsonite has long been the undisputed agent for building heavy-duty road surfaces Gilsonite’s outstanding properties and durability make it the ideal modifier for pavement sealers and hot mix pavements.
  • Foundry
    For many decades, foundries around the globe have realized the benefit of using Gilsonite as a carbon additive when melting iron touches foundry sand
  • Cementing
    Gilsonite significantly improves cement properties, cuts cost and difficulty of consuming several additives, Gilsonite guarantees zonal isolation,diminishes environmental hazard, enhances ultimate recovery and lowers total cost of ownership for the life of a well...
  • Drilling Fluids
    Drilling Fluids
    Gilsonite also known as uintahite or asphaltum is considered the most economical multi-functional additive for all types of mud. Research shows, Gilsonite, thanks to its distinctive chemical properties and physical features, is an ideal agent in improving wellbore stability...