Gilsonite significantly improves cement properties, cuts cost and difficulty of consuming several additives.

Gilsonite guarantees zonal isolation, diminishes environmental hazard, enhances ultimate recovery, and lowers total cost of ownership for the life of a well.

Cement integrity and wellbore architecture are considered vital to performance and total recovery of wells. Thanks to its distinctive chemical properties and physical appearances, Gilsonite is the supreme cementing additive for a wide range of wellbore configurations.

Cement slurry benefits:

  • Increases yield
  • Moderates slurry weight
  • Controls free water
  • Reduces slurry water ratio
  • Supports favorable rheologies resulting in lower ECDs
  • Avoids lost circulation
  • Scours wellbore/improves mud removal

Set cement benefits

  • Provisions compressive strength development
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces cracking
  • Heals micro fissures
  • Decreases permeability
  • Reinforces bond to the formation and the casing
  • Lessens environmental hazard
  • Conforms to regulations

Gilsonite eradicates problems related to free water

Gilsonite supports stabilizing slurry and eradicates the need for – and cost of – additional free-water-control agents by controlling free water.

It also advances zonal isolation by inhibiting water channeling on the higher side of the wellbore.

Self-healing properties assist in preserving zonal isolation

Gilsonite is malleable, deformable, swell able, water-resistant, and non-porous.

These features provide Gilsonite self-healing properties that can plug induced micro fissures in the cement sheath.

Gilsonite expands in time to seal the cracks when micro fissures grow.

Gilsonite properties that create the ideal cement additive

  • Low specific gravity (1.04-1.06 @ 77°F)
  • High softening points (>340°F)
  • Semi-polymeric behavior
  • Low moisture content (<1.5%)
  • Does not impact thickening time
  • Hard to fuse (no remassing)
  • Compatible with paraffins, resins, oils, asphalts and Elastomers
  • Compatible with other cement additives
  • High purity
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent quality
  • Multipurpose

Cementing is vital to environmental and financial responsibility

The extraordinary properties of Gilsonite offer the reliability that the cementing job is the basis of reliability, adaptability, and long-term production with minimal adverse environmental effects.

  • Zonal isolation for the life of the well
  • Eradication of fluid crossflow
  • Avoidance of gas migration to the surface
  • Safeguarding fresh water aquifers

Durability for today’s wells

Long lateral and/or multiple zone completion wells necessitate long-lasting cement.

Gilsonite lowers Young’s Modulus of Elasticity, which increases cement flexibility and robustness.

It offers for life-of-well protection to withstand the severities of drilling later hole sections, cyclic pressures and temperatures of multizone completions, and long-term production with no expense to compressive strength increase.