گل های حفاری

گل های حفاری

Drilling Fluids Product Overview

Gilsonite also known as uintahite or asphaltum is considered the most economical multi-functional additive for all types of mud. Research shows, Gilsonite, thanks to its distinctive chemical properties and physical features, is an ideal agent in improving wellbore stability, plugging micro-fractures, and bonding and sealing any type of formation. Gilsonite owes its cost-effectiveness to that it allows for use of less additives for your applications.

Exceptional bonding and plugging properties avoid formation damage

By creating a physical and chemical bond with porous formations, Gilsonite forms an effective seal that inhibits the passage of drilling fluid. Exclusively working as both a ductile and solid plugging agent, Gilsonite controls fluid loss and seepage, avoids lost circulation and protects reactive and low-reactive shale surfaces, even at elevated bottom-hole temperatures.

An established solution for strengthening the wellbore

HP/HT wells, shales, and under pressured zones call for specifically catered drilling fluids and well bore-strengthening practices.

The addition of Gilsonite to an OBM or WBM reinforces the well by:

  • Decreasing pore pressure transmission and sealing micro-fractures in shale and low-porosity sands
  • Maintaining interbedding formations
  • Developing effective filter cake
  • Offering a “smear effect” that forms a continuous protective sealant along the wellbore wall

The best additive in avoiding differential sticking

Gilsonite minimizes stuck pipe and stuck logging tool events by meticulously sealing penetrable formations.

  • even in zones with a highly overbalanced pressure differential.
  • and improving filter cake lubricity.

Functions of Drilling Fluids

  • Remove cuttings from the well.
  • Control formation pressure.
  • Suspend and release cuttings.
  • Suspend and release cuttings.
  • Seal permeable formations.
  • Maintain well bore stability.
  • Minimize reservoir damage.
  • Cool, lubricate, and support the bit and drilling assembly.
  • Transmit hydraulic energy to tools and bit.
  • Ensure adequate formation evaluation.
  • Control corrosion
  • Facilitate cementing and completion.
  • Minimize impact on the environment.
  • Prevent gas hydrate formation.

Iranian Gilsonite products are good for any application

Fluid loss and shale control. Softening point 350-399°F

Fluid loss and shale control for water-base muds. Softening point 350-399°F

More products are in development, to be launched in the near future.

More than 60 years of oilfield performance success

Success of Gilsonite application as a multipurpose additive has been recognized in almost 50 SPE and other peer-reviewed presentations.