Gilsonite Powder

Gilsonite powder or bitumen powder is a substance that is extracted and produced from the bitumen sludge. This powder is used in many industries. Using this powder in road construction, painting, pencil making, casting, rubber making, activated carbon production, coking and fueling, insulating coatings and dozens of other industries has made this product a valuable asset. To get more familiar with Gilsonite Powder, you should first get acquainted with Gilsonite.

What is Gilsonite or Bitumen and what are its applications?

In fact, Gilsonite is the crude oil that, over thousands of years, has lost volatiles due to pressure, temperature, and time, and what remains is a shiny, brittle, glassy material that resembles coal.

The name Gilsonite comes from its discoverer. Samuel Gleason was the person who discovered this material and sold it for the first time on the market. Having succeeded in doing so by registering with a company called American Gilsonite, he made it a well-known material throughout the world.

In terms of chemical composition, Gilsonite is a natural hydrocarbon resin. It is extracted in batches, has a shiny black color and is brittle. The important point is that Gilsonite is highly compatible with petroleum products and is therefore a suitable material for diluting or concentrating petroleum products. It has more than 100 elements; it can be combined with 160 other materials. The Gilsonite softening temperature is 148 to 240 ° C and its permeability is up to 440 mm.

Gilsonite has a wide variety of applications in various industries, including Gilsonite powder. In some industries this material is used directly and in other industries it is used as a raw material. Since Gilsonite powder is obtained from natural equivalents, it is more cost-effective and cheaper than similar petroleum materials.

Finally, Gilsonite mines exist in a few countries. Venezuela, Australia, Russia, Iraq, Canada and Iran are among the countries where bitumen mines have been discovered.

Gilsonite powder manufacturing process

The production of Gilsonite powder is not complicated. In this process, the Gilsonite clumps extracted from the mine are sent to the factory for making powder. At the first stage in the factory, it is crushed with the help of a crusher. After this, the crushed clumps are seeded by a screening machine and finally the powder is packed and get ready for export.