Fluid loss control additive

Fluid loss control additive

Various additives are added to drain mud fluids. In geotechnical engineering, water and clay mixtures are called drilling mud. This mud is widely used in the drilling process. These applications include removing chips from the well, cooling and drilling. But in order for the drilling mud to be cost effective, its concentration must be controlled. On this basis there are also certain additives that make the desired changes to the drilling mud.

Use of fluid loss control additive

Different materials play different roles with the addition of drilling mud. In addition to controlling the amount of fluid in the mud, these additives can be added to the drilling mud.

Substances such as sodium bentonite, attapulgite, asbestos, muscovite and graphite are additives used to control fluid loss in drilling mud. Drilling mud fluid concentration also needs to be avoided to prevent drilling into the well and faster recovery of drilling materials. This increases the speed and ease of work.

Another important application of changing raw materials in drilling mud is its specific weight change. Barite, gallon and lime. Barite and gallon increase the specific weight of this drilling mud; lime decreases its specific weight.

In drilling special rocks such as shale and also when water or gas pressure is high at the drilling site, the use of barite is recommended for controlling conditions. The use of galena is also recommended in very high pressure conditions in drilling rocks. Finally, if for any reason, the goal is to reduce the weight of the drilling mud; using lime would be a good idea.

Finally, chemical composition control of drilling mud characteristics is the application of other additives. Minerals such as sodium bicarbonate, salt, lime, dolomite and gypsum are widely used in this field.

The most commonly used minerals used in drilling

Mica, barite and galena, graphite, lime and dolomite, bentonite, gypsum, perlite and volcanic ash, and finally salt, are the most commonly used minerals used in drilling mud to control fluid loss.